Our mission

At Aqua Nobel, we promote health and sustainability.

We believe that alkaline spring water sourced directly from the earth is the healthiest water. Our water is just that, natural, like water should be!

100% Earth-friendly packaging by 2025

Our goal is to package our water in a carton made with 100% renewable material by 2025. Since 2019, we have gone from 67 to 78% and we will not stop until we reach our 100%

100% reusable

We encourage our customers to refill and reuse the packaging.

100% recyclable

When our carton does get recycled, it can go on to become tissues, paper towels, or building materials.

100% Natural

Our plant-based packaging is as natural as our water.


74% reduction in carbon emissions

100% responsibly-sourced spring water and plant-based packaging. 78% of our carton originates as plants: the trees used for the paper and sugarcane used to make the cap, and layers of the carton. The result: a 74% reduction in carbon emissions compared to plastic bottles. Start with plants, finish with a smaller footprint.
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Protective Packaging

Always delicious!

The flavor of water is easily affected by the flavors around it. The Aqua Nobel carton protects the integrity of our water by design. Our water is always crisp, pure, and natural.