Our spring

A century of natural filtration!

Our spring is located at a depth of 105m (330ft). For close to 100 years, the water travels from the surface, through sandstone, moraine, slate and gneiss before it finally reaches the source. This process adds valuable minerals and nutrients as well as providing a pH of 8.2

As natural as it gets!

The water is drained via a completely antiseptic system to avoid any contact with potential outside contaminants. Then, it’s simply ran through a natural sand filter before it finally reaches the carton. As natural as it gets!


We only pull a fraction of our maximum allowance to make sure we don’t affect the overall levels in the spring

8.2 pH

The water in our spring has a naturally occurring pH of 8.2

100% Natural

Our springwater is 100% natural and goes directly from the spring into our cartons.


Sustainably sourced from the first drop

Aqua Nobel is not purified tap water — an inefficient process that actually wastes water and energy.

Aqua Nobel is flavorful spring water with naturally occurring mineral and pH content.

It is pumped from a reliably plentiful source in southern Sweden.

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Our spring

Preserving the nature

Preserving natural resources

Protecting the environment starts at the source. We’re careful only to use a small amount of the abundant water that Mother Nature provides and that we don’t interrupt the natural flow of spring water through the environment.

We’re dedicated to the sustainable use of our natural springs for the enjoyment of current and future generations.