Aqua nobel history

People have enjoyed our amazing water for almost a century

Our unique spring water has been enjoyed by locals for a long time, some stories date back nearly a century. Rumors say people travelled to the area to collect the water for all its perceived health benefits.


In 1964, the first commercial borehole was drilled into the deeper parts of the spring by the local farmer.


In 2015, Aqua Nobel was formed and purchased the rights to the unique spring


During its first few years, Aqua Nobel produced sparkling water in PET, Glass and bag-in-box packaging. During these years Aqua Nobel received multiple awards for its unique spring water.

2018 - 2020

During 2018, a decision to move towards a more sustainable solution was taken which led to the installation of Tetra Pak’s most innovative packaging solution – Tetra Prisma Dream Cap. Between 2018 and 2020, Aqua Nobel switched all its still water production from PET to the more sustainable Tetra carton.


Aqua Nobel removes 100% of its plastic bottles from the lineup and now exclusively produces water in the Tetra Prisma carton. Our goal is to have a carton that is made up of 100% renewable material by 2025, up from the 78% where we are today.